INSTALL's History

The International Labour-Management Committee for the Floorcovering Industry was formed in 1990 to assimilate hard-tile installation services into existing United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America training centres throughout North America.

However, this committee quickly became aware of a significant problem that was hindering the floorcovering industry—a critical shortage of qualified professionals. As a result, floorcovering materials were being installed improperly, causing a hike in customer callbacks and costly repairs. UBC officials saw manufacturer, retailer, and consumer confidence in floorcovering professionals fall.

At committee meetings, members often explored pressing issues and concerns within the industry as a whole, but one issue was repeatedly emphasized—the need for quality education in floorcovering installation.

The committee devised a plan: to determine industry-wide needs, a priority was placed on forming meaningful alliances with floorcovering mills and manufacturers of floor-related tools and materials. The committee also worked to create a universal training program that would embrace all categories of floorcovering.

The goal was to substantially increase the level of proficiency for all floorcovering apprentices and journeypersons across North America.

Training would be conducted under an umbrella name—International Standards and Training Alliance () and would be steered by the International Labour-Management Committee for the Floorcovering Industry.