INSTALL - A Positive Vision

recognized the urgency for a solution to qualified labour shortages and customer callback problems. Currently is the farthest-reaching curriculum to build a workforce that will ensure the continued health and prosperity of the North American flooring industry.

In March 2000, held a symposium for manufacturers of flooring including the tools and materials used. Key industry representatives gathered to review the curriculum employed by to train the future's professional flooring installers. Intensely focused sessions were held for two days, in which trainers presented current curriculum content and delivery methods. The candid opinions of the manufacturer representatives regarding 's training accuracy and effectiveness were actively solicited.

This symposium is the first of a planned schedule of ongoing biennial curriculum reviews. The result being the incorporation of the suggestions and requests of participating manufacturer technical and educational representatives into the existing training curriculum. We believe this makes training not only the most thorough program of flooring installation instruction, but also the most inclusive and up-to-date available.

We make every effort to help the industry retain its investment in our trainees by continuing to support them after graduation from training. We offer career-long programs of skill enhancement upgrades, health insurance and retirement benefits, to guard against the attrition so prevalent among aging independent installers.