INSTALL Training for Registered Apprentices

Floor Covering Installation Professionals

Qualified vs. Certified

Qualified: In today's world, implies that the person providing the service has a certain level of expertise that will enable him / her to do the job in a proficient manner.

It does not specify any level of proper, certified training standards.

In the floor covering installation trade, the definition of the word "qualified" is rather loose, and can be as simple as an installer who has been laying carpet for many years. It is natural to associate many years experience with being "qualified" to do the job.

Unfortunately, this is no guarantee of that person's level of training and expertise to perform the task, or ability to work through numerous unforeseen and often complicated problems that arise in the installation process of the floor covering materials.

A floor covering installer may be considered "qualified" because he has been installing carpet for 10 years, therefore could easily perform the task of installing a resilient material or other surfaces as well……so the popular thinking goes.

It is due to this misconception in the floor covering installation trade amongst design and building professionals that has roused the need for all to be aware of what type of labour is being specified to do the job. And ensure that the work is done correctly.

This has been a huge problem in the construction industry - "qualified" floor covering labour may not have the skills to undertake complicated and highly skilled installation projects.
Unbeknownst to the professionals who have specified that "qualified installers" to install the floor covering products.

Hence, the need for training and awareness of Floor Covering Installation Professionals.

Certified: This is branded as INSTALL - International Standards and Training Alliance.

It is an education and awareness program that is your quality assurance by specifying the mechanics to be installing the floor covering materials on your project has been formally trained (qualified) and certified through the following recognized certificates:

Certificates from the government such as an I.P. (Inter-provincial, Red Seal Certificate)
T.Q. (Trades Qualification)

INSTALL Certification (completion of apprenticeship program to journeyman status)
Registered Apprentices

According to Mr. Hamish Roper, apprenticeship training coordinator of the Floor Covering Joint Conference Board (F.C.J.C.B.): "I can not express enough about the importance of the apprenticeship program. It must be supported, and so far we are the only group that has taken this seriously".

For a floor covering mechanic to meet the certification qualifications listed above, he / she must have completed an intensive 3 year apprenticeship in Canada (4 years in USA - includes tile and stone component). This involves multi-year in-school components, and thousands of on-the-job hours, passing all exams, and maintain ongoing required upgrades to their trade to stay in good standing with their certification levels.
These certified installation mechanics are paid by the hour, not piece work, and have the training, skills, and ability required to get the job done properly. From a basic application, to the most complex and demanding surfaces and materials: on time and on budget.

Maintain the integrity of your vision: specify INSTALL certified, I.P. certified, T.Q. qualified, and registered apprentices only to be installing all floor covering materials on your projects.